Telford Divorce Solicitor Urgently Warns About Risks Involving Cheap Do It Yourself Divorce!

Advice offered after Tesco Supermarket launched a divorce advice pack costing just £7. A Shropshire Solicitor cautions UK couples, who are considering opting for a cheap do-it-yourself divorce, that they could find it costs them greatly in the long-run. Telford Divorce Solicitor, who heads the Family Law Team at Martin-Kaye Solicitors Shropshire advises that “Although on the face of it, the self-help divorce package seems like a cheap option, it could cost couples dearly in the future.” “DIY divorces can work well for cases where there are no children or assets from the marriage involved, but they are generally not suitable for more complicated cases.” Many divorcing couples do not realize that even when there has been a Decree Absolute, both partners still have the right to pursue financial claims arising from the marriage – and this process can continue until they get remarried or die. “We are seeing increasing numbers of people who have dealt with their divorces themselves and who are now facing difficulties. They thought they had resolved their financial issues amicably with their spouse at the time of their separation, only to find themselves on the wrong end of a court application for financial support several years later.” “These clients are horrified to learn that their former spouse can seek further financial relief, no matter what was previously agreed. And even worse, the Court will consider their financial situation as it stands at the time of the new application, when often their finances have significantly improved.” With proper legal advice at the time of the separation, couples can ask for a Clean Break Order to be made alongside the divorce, to ensure they are protected. “This ensures any agreement reached is recorded and takes away the power of the former spouse to pursue further claims, which means both partners can get on with their lives. Ultimately, people stand to lose a lot more if they are ordered to pay their former spouse financial relief, and that cheap DIY divorce could end up being very expensive indeed. Professional advice at the time of the separation is the best way forward, and will help protect both parties in the future.”

Choose the Right Divorce Solicitors Firm For Quick and Simple Divorce Rhode Island Divorce From Soup to Nuts by a RI Attorney

Divorce records are easily accessed from the record office located in the reason where the divorce was settled, the divorce records are generally easy to access. Depending on the state or county where the divorce was settled earlier. It’s the responsibility of the lawyer or attorney to access a copy of divorce report to you. If a need arises when one has to request the copy of divorce to crosscheck the divorce background of someone, he can visit the state or county courthouse where their divorce was settled and can simply ask for the copy of divorce record for reference. Men sometimes have great financial difficulties affording child support, but statistics show it’s newly single mothers that have the most money problems. This is especially evident when a woman must suddenly afford childcare or is swept into a new work environment; kids typically must adjust to a lower standard of living, just like their parents, after a divorce. Another trick, especially for a spouse who manages property or a business, is to take steps to devalue the property over time, so that when it comes to allocate the value of the asset, the managing spouse gets the benefit of the lower value. This may include allowing rental property to remain vacant or in disrepair. Another example is to contact a business’ customers to defer payments of accounts receivable until after the divorce is finalized. Then when the accounts are finally paid, the managing spouse gets the benefit of the cash, and also the increased value of the business now with current accounts. In making decisions regarding legal and physical custody, the Courts in Minnesota will consider the best interests of the children. It is presumed that joint legal custody is in the best interests of the children. However, judges are more reluctant to award joint physical custody absent an agreement between the parents that such an arrangement is in the best interest of their children. Does the mail come to your home? If not, that could be a red flag that your spouse doesn’t want you to see certain incoming statements. Often, however, the spouses disagree about the terms of the divorce, which can lead to stressful and expensive litigation. Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Divorce mediation can be significantly less expensive than litigation. With divorce mediation, couples have the capability of deciding for themselves under what circumstances, when, and how their divorce will take place. Divorce mediation is giving attention on agreement, leaning towards achieving a goal, and is time limited. Unlike marriage counseling, it is not meant to improve or save a marriage, nor does it help divorcing couples make decisions, like in arbitration. Instead, divorce mediation helps in given that guidance along with creating an environment wherein divorcing couples can arrive at an agreement on the issues linked to their divorce, putting those agreements on paper, and thereby beginning the process of stirring on into the future. It is important to be aware of the time limits for which unreasonable behaviour can be valid grounds for divorce. Unreasonable behaviour is usually cited in divorce petitions if the couple have not separated for any length of time. If you and your spouse are still living together, then the last incidence of whatever type of “unreasonable behaviour” you have described in your divorce petition must have occurred no longer than 6 months from the date the petition is filed. There are two reasons for this. Firstly unreasonable behaviour is not always unacceptable to spouses, and does not always lead to separation. For instance, if both parties have always worked 14-hour days throughout the marriage, it would lack credibility if one of them suddenly decided to petition for divorce based on the other’s work habits. If the parties ask the clerk to hold the matter they will usually get a substantial amount of time to negotiate the remaining issues in the hallway. Upon settling all the remaining family law issues which may include issues of property division, child support, child custody, child visitation, alimony, contempt issues, restraining order issues etc the clerk should be informed that the case is now ready nominal. At that point the clerk and judge will put you back on the list of cases ready for the nominal hearing If the parties ask the clerk to hold the matter they will usually get a substantial amount of time to negotiate the remaining issues in the hallway. Upon settling all the remaining family law issues which may include issues of property division, child support, child custody, child visitation, alimony, contempt issues, restraining order issues etc the clerk should be informed that the case is now ready nominal Depositions are very expensive because the Court reporters transcript could cost several hundred dollars. Also the attorney doing the deposition will need perhaps several hours to prepare for the deposition. Also both attorneys will need to attend the deposition, which could take up to several hours. Depositions are usually better ways to get information about sensitive topics then interrogatories. Divorce trials are not similar to the trials that you see on television. Often judges have many other matters on the calendar on the day the divorce trial is scheduled. In Many instances, the divorce trial will not start until after 11am. It is not unusual for the court to allow only 2 hours a day for the actual trial. Sometimes the Court will hear less than 2 hours of trial testimony in a day. Therefore a trial can take many days to complete. Some Trials take weeks or months to complete. If only one party attends the nominal court date then you need one of the following in order to obtain a divorce (a) two additional witnesses in court to testify to the one year residency of the Plaintiff or Defendant (b) one witness in court to testify to the one year residency of the Plaintiff and an affidavit from a different witness attesting to the person’s residency. (This affidavit form can be easily obtained by the clerk of the Rhode Island Family Court.) Generally, in contested divorce, both the parties have to bear lot of humiliation and mental trauma. Negotiations, allegations, and counter accusations ultimately cause bitter and permanent hatred towards each other. Besides the divorcing couple, their families and children also suffer a lot during contested divorce.

Tips For Handling Stress In Divorce

Any person who has experienced divorce can let you know first hand it really is one of the most trying occasions you will ever deal with. That is particularly real for people who are also parents. The day to day matters of parenting are large enough without divorce and the matters that come with attempting to recover from such a major loss complicate the parenting process for everybody, together with those who are typically significantly less impacted by stress issues. Stressed parents find they can be less accepting, annoyed and angry, despondent, and miserable at times.

Anxiety is a usual part of the divorce process. In reality, stress is commonly under acknowledged by divorcees as the key cause for troubles. Too often, individuals key in on anger and depression difficulties, as an alternative to considering some fairly easy things they can do to control tension. Understanding how pressure affects you might help you to properly and accurately work through the divorce process.

Tension is purely our reaction to change. It is more complicated than that, but at the core of just about all stress is change. There are occasions in our life when we ought to be anxious. Those moments typically revolve around vital life alterations such as loss of life of a loved one, job adjustments, moves, change in normal routine, health related issues, and change in household make up. Needless to say, divorce can deliver some or all of those adjustments to the table. Therefore, it would make sense that anxiety plays a vital role in the whole divorce experience.

Knowing what’s happening with you might help you to choose the correct system to deal with things. When major change enters our life, control turns into an important part of the equation. Once we feel out of control and helpless, tension levels usually increase, and truly you will discover few life conditions outside of divorce where you may feel more powerless. Needless to say, when someone feels out of control, they have a tendency to try to handle something or many things. Generally, divorcees and children in divorce make an effort to control what is occuring around them, and very routinely they seek to control other people.

Controlling what you can will make a difference. The more things you place with each other, the more control you feel you may have of your life, even when numerous significant things are beyond your control. Therefore, the next time your ex is doing something you don’t appreciate, your divorce attorney fails to return your message, and your child refuses to follow your directions, take a second to deal with some things it is possible to handle and your tension levels will inevitably drop. The biggest mistake you may make is making an attempt to control issues that are beyond your control. Identify those things that are outside of your power and do not try to alter them. You will have more success when you are practical about what can be controlled and what cannot.

When you are going through a divorce, your first resource for information on dealing with stress, including the names of counselors, will be your divorce lawyer. You should make every effort to speak with them what you are experiencing so that they may provide effective service to you.

Genetic Determinants In Marriage – Some Hope Of Less Divorce Cases

Ask any person and he/she will tell you that marriage is a social institution and would argue that there is no any other determinant apart from the free will of the involved individuals. Social science explains the compatibility factor which is usually acceptable in describing and prediction of love and long-term marriage relationships. Few people would even dare to research about possible existence of genetic determinants in marriage. Research shows that there are more profound and real genetic variables. A man views himself as a free thinker who makes his very own decisions which determine the way he lives. The truth of the matter is, genetic work is revealing that every man has built in tendencies which dictate upon his actions.

According to a recent study, there is a possible link between genetics and divorce in human beings as well as association between animals and monogamy. Significantly, genetics affect behaviors of the subjects involved in the study. Genes might make many marriages a success. Another finding from Boston University reported that there is evident genetic influence on whether or not a marriage is healthy. Genes determine the success of a given marriage. When people walk down the aisle they are never certain whether their marriage will last forever. A team of scientists from Ohio University developed a test which they were sure could show clear indication of which marriage unions were destined to fail. The genetic determinants in marriage in this case were based on hormone levels.

Despite the existence of the above-cited dedicated scientists to genetic research, the subject marriage usually is handled by social scientists. The vast majority of people would never think of genetic determinants in marriage. They perceive marriage as emotional expression, a social requirement, a cultural rite and a rational behavior which people have to deal with once its time comes by. According to social scientists, the values used in marriage relationships include: similarities, compatibility, psychological and social cultural factors. These are the main cards used to match individuals who are seriously seeking for love and marriage. Matchmaking services are used to offer the matching services which is based on practice and theory present in social science. It is bound to some limitations because of the replicable experimentation in the main subject issue. The limitation is also due to behavioral science used to determine the exactitude of the intended outcomes.

Genetic determinants in marriage takes a different formulation approach. It is radically based on decoding the not so obvious inborn characteristics of individuals seeking for love and marriage. It might involve use eyeballs or thumb-print to identify an individual. These are some of the unique inborn characteristics of human beings. Scientists scrutinize these unique aspects in search of similarity between two individuals. If there exists any sign of similarity in any gene contents, the parties are declared compatible for marriage. If people look for mates using the genetic method, there will be fewer divorce cases reported. Marriage will no longer be a trial and error business. Many people will have more confidence in marriage. Let us encourage our scientists to research more on the issue of genetics determinant in marriage.

Estate Planning with Attorney Will Make Your Life Easier

re you interested in an estate planning Attorney that can set up your real estate in a ideal way? A decent quality Attorney can decrease the measure of state or government imposes that you should pay, can lessen exchange expenses and time if you choose to offer the real estate, and can offer you a ton of other real estate planning arrangements. Without appropriate bequest planning you may keep running into unanticipated issues or mishaps in regards to your real estate that could be maintain a strategic distance from through the assistance of an accomplished Attorney.
You need to be comfortable with your attorney

It is important to be on great terms with your Attorney, and you ought to have the capacity to trust them with numerous private points of interest of your life. Trust is vital on the grounds that they will have the huge obligation of taking care of your real estate. Additionally you need the genuine feelings of serenity that you are sure about your Attorney to settle on the right choices in regards to setting up your real estate in a perfect way.
In any case, remember that amazing Attorneys don’t come shabby, they will charge a premium rate. In any case, they charge such high expenses for a reason, and that is on the grounds that they are justified regardless of the venture in view of the abnormal state of administration that they can furnish their customers with.
You need to be aware of what your attorney is doing

No matter how complicated estate planning laws give off an impression of being you have to endeavor to comprehend everything your legal counselor is doing with respect to setting up your real estate. Frequently a Attorney will telephone you up at normal interims to stay up with the latest in regards to your real estate, or will approach you for data in regards to certain planning choices that should be made.
Reducing the taxes

If you are interested in reducing the measure of government or state charges that you need to pay then you have to employ an assessment planning law office. The measure of cash that you need to spend paying expenses on your real estate can mean be exceptionally noteworthy totals of cash which is the reason it is a smart thought to get a Attorney that is fit for diminishing such assessments.
If you are unsure about how a estate planning Attorney can help you then you ought to orchestrate an interview so you can become acquainted with the Attorney a smidgen better and what it is that they really do. A ton of the time you will find that legal advisors will give a free beginning counsel where they will gladly disclose to you how they can be of advantage.

Attorney Curtis Barnes – A Review

Being confronted with the possibility of divorce is never easy as it can be confusing and traumatic. During this emotionally challenging period, it can be tough making critical decisions at each step of the process, while ensuring that necessary legal requirements are being followed. It makes sense to find a skilled family law lawyer or divorce lawyer who can help make the right decisions and devise successful strategies for divorce or family law issues and represent the client competently. This article reviews attorney Curtis Barnes, a Certified Specialist in Family Law, who heads the law firm of Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc. He specializes in Family Law and is known for his aggressive and knowledgeable manner. He is always accessible to clients.

Education, Experience And Honors

As per his profile on the official website of Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc., Curtis Barnes received his BA from San Diego State University in 1985. He went to Law School at the San Diego School of Law and upon graduation in 1989, began working at the Law Offices of E. Robert Lemkin, Inc. and went on to become a partner in 1994. In 1996, he became owner of the Law Offices of Lemkin & Barnes, Inc and in the year 2001, Curtis Barnes became a certified legal family law specialist. In 2004, the law firm became known as Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc.

With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, the firm focuses wholly on family law matters, including child support and child custody, divorce, uncontested divorce, alimony/spousal support, division of property, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements and ex parte temporary orders. The firm specializes in divorce and family law representation backed by decades of experience and skill.

The website also highlights the recognition of its attorney’s skills and knowledge by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. The board has awarded the certification of Specialists in Family Law to his firm. This certification is awarded to a limited number of attorneys based on specific criteria.

Membership Of Professional Associations:

Curtis Barnes’ is a member of the State Bar of California-Family Law section and is also a member of the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists, the Orange County Bar Association, the University of San Diego Alumni Association and l’Padrini di Antonello.

Besides being a Certified Family Law Specialist, Curtis Barnes has allocated 10% of his practice workload to litigation. Attorney Curtis Barnes focuses on Family Law and mostly handles the following types of cases as stated in his FindLaw profile.

*Child Support Appeals in Santa Ana, CA
*Hidden Assets in Santa Ana, CA
*Move Away in Santa Ana, CA

He also focuses on handling divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody, spousal support and related family law issues. In his spare time, Attorney Curtis Barnes also offers legal advice to victims of domestic violence at a non-profit group.

When to Activate Enduring Power of Attorney?

When to Activate your Enduring Power of Attorney?
An Enduring Power of Attorney is a lawful document where you as the donor, assign an individual of your choice, which is referred to as the done, to manage your financial affairs and assets if you are not capable to perform so because of a mishap, sickness or your absence. You can also activate your Enduring Power of Attorney if you feel you cannot deal with the complexity of handling your financial affairs. You can activate it instantly or you can defer it for future events. This could be for a fixed period or to carry out a particular task and you can revoke it any time you want, providing you don’t have the capacity to do so mentally.
You need to affix your signature in your Enduring Power of Attorney and you should be in a good mental state to do so. The donee should accept the selection as your attorney by affixing your signature as a sign of acceptance. Your attorney will have access over your financial and assets or in a particular part of them. If in case you lose your mental capacity to handle your affairs, your lawyer will handle all your assets, pay your bills and collect your income. Once you die, the Enduring Power of Attorney stops, then the executor named in your behalf will handle it for your estate. Assigning an attorney is a must for your financial planning together with the creation of the Will and assigning an executor to manage your estate after your death.
A Sample Case of Enduring Power of Attorney
A couple named Edna and Jack both at 80 suffered a stroke recently and is at the hospital waiting for a nursing home placement. Because of the seriousness of Edna’s condition she was not able to return to their family home because she requires a very high level of attention. She also lost her mental ability to carry out her own financial transactions.
Jack is having a hard time handling with the stresses of this present condition. He is not able to comprehend the complex financial needs for Edna’s nursing home placement. He prefers to visit Edna more often but since he can only move slowly, he finds himself spending most of his time on the household chores.
Luckily, Edna and Jack were able to plan ahead for any situation that might happen in the future. The couple has an Enduring Power of Attorney and Will with Public Trustee. After discussing Edna’s condition with the medical practitioner, Jack learned that Edna is no longer capable of making her own financial decisions and is not capable to handle her own financial transactions. Jack forwarded the medical opinion to the Public Trustee and asks that Edna’s Enduring Power of Attorney be activated. He likewise decides to put the load of handling his own monetary affairs with Public Trustee and ask for his Enduring Power of Attorney to be activated.
To discuss with their financial requirements and to note their relevant requests, a New Estates Officer talks with both Edna and Jack at the hospital. The Public Trustee creates accounts for Edna and Jack and arranges for receipt of their money to their accounts and payment of their expenditure. The Public Trustee supervises the complex nursing home transfer requirements for Edna and assists Jack to start some in-house services to help him with his everyday living needs. As Jack keeps capacity, he communicates regularly with the Public Trustee, giving direction for considerable decision-making and keep the Public Trustee up to date with his personal budget requirements. With this regard, Public Trustee likewise discusses with Jack about Edna’s personal financial requirements.
Public Trustee handles all of the daily financial tasks for Edna and Jack. Jack thinks that the weight of his condition has been elevated from him. He will have more time to spend with Edna and regularly help her with her therapy.

Creating Happiness After Divorce


Divorce is the loss of a relationship, and it’s painful. You will go through a grief process that involves denial, sadness, and anger. Depending on your particular circumstances, recovering from the sadness and anger and moving into acceptance can take approximately one year. Once you have reached the stage of acceptance you may find yourself with a void; you’re no longer sad or angry, so where do you go from here ? This is the point in your adjustment where a mental attitude shift is necessary if you are going to be happy as a single person. Included here is a list of mental exercises that will help you make that attitude shift in creating happiness after divorce.

*Set aside 5 minutes per day to think about things to be thankful for – bask in those feelings

*Develop an “attitude of gratitude”

*Make a list of successes, both past and present

*Decide what happiness means to you: more time, more money, more friends, fewer problems

*Think of the good things in your life that are taken for granted

*Take inventory of the little things that give you pleasure

*Look at the things you resent and how you can think differently about them

In order to create happiness, you must first decide what happiness means to YOU as an individual. Realize that nothing or no one can make you happy, and external situations can’t make you happy if you have not made the choice to be happy. Regardless of external situations in life, we can create happiness by recognizing that it is internal, not situational. You will always have stress and challenges in life, and it is important to remember that situations are perceived through our attitude. Happiness is an attitude.

Regardless of external situations that cause stress you can create happiness in small ways by doing things that give you pleasure and enjoyment.You can achieve happiness after divorce if you decide to be happy rather than waiting for the situation to change.

Wayne Dyer,author of “Your Erroneous Zones” said “there is no way to happines – happiness is the way.”

If you take the time to follow the mental excercises suggested here, and are willing to make an attitude shift, you can begin to create happiness after divorce. Following these suggestions will take persistence and effort; If you are willing to develop that persistence, it can pay off for you in ways that you may not have even thought of.

Permission granted to use or republish article if url link is included and the author is credited.

Christians Surviving Divorce – 6 Things You Need to Know Now

If you are a Christian surviving divorce, here are six things you need to do now. Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but you can make it easier for yourself by doing these six things.

1. Rest in the fact that God isn’t against you. God hates divorce but not divorced people. God is full of compassion and mercies that are renewed every morning. Divorce is not the unpardonable sin; it is forgivable. The teaching in the church is sometimes rigid and harsh when it comes to divorce. People apply the law rather than grace. The truth is that we are all sinners and sin affects our marriages, sometimes beyond repair. Be willing to be accountable for your part in the marriage failure and then accept God’s forgiveness.

2. Allow yourself to go through the grief process. God won’t instantly take your pain away. You can’t speed it up or avoid it, if you want to heal in a way that allows you to put the marriage and divorce into a proper perspective that will allow you to move on. This means you will go through the following stages: denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, until you find acceptance.

3. Accept that some people won’t understand. Some Christians will judge you and tell you that you can’t divorce, especially if you were the one to initiate it. Some people will side with your spouse and some with you. Accept that some people will judge you and you won’t have the opportunity to explain your truth to them. You will have to rest in your conscience before God.

4. If possible, use a mediator to settle your divorce. The human tendency in divorce is to be self-centered and vindictive (James 4:1-2). The more you fight, the more money the attorneys make. If your spouse is reasonable and will be honest about the assets, you have a good chance to use a mediator, if you start soon enough. Find an attorney who understands how to mediate and represent both of you neutrally. You will save tons of money and emotional distress.

5. Don’t hurt your children even more. As angry as you are at your spouse, you are the one divorcing him/her, not your children. Don’t use them as a messenger to your spouse or as spies to report about what your spouse is doing. Don’t talk negatively about your spouse to them or try to get them to side against your spouse. Your children will do the best if you and your spouse can keep them out of your drama. Ephesians 6:4 reminds us not to exasperate our children by giving them more than they can handle.

6. Build a support system as soon as possible and use it. When we go through difficult times, we need people. When you are experiencing the loss of a relationship and all that goes with it, you need support. Consider going to a counselor, joining a support group, and connecting with supportive family members and friends. Find a church near you that has divorce recovery. Ecclesiastes 4:10 tells us that two are better than one, because if one falls down, his friend can pick him up.

As a Christian surviving divorce, you will do better if you do these six things early in your divorce.

Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers – Caring is not Fundamental! It’s Crucial!

When it comes to your Rhode Island Divorce, the selection of a Rhode Island Divorce lawyer that is right for you is not simply fundamental, it is CRUCIAL!

It’s easy for your divorce to frustrate you in such a way that you “just want it over”. That’s a typical mindset for most people facing divorce. Yet people still have this instinctual need to want to make sure they have their interests protected.

So what do people do?

They look up divorce, lawyers or attorneys in the yellow pages and they start calling. Most people will try to find one that has a free consultation first and foremost because they don’t want to spend a dime on a person who may not tell them anything. Divorce lawyers who offer free consultations may or may not tell you anything that will help you. The latter is more likely but that is a blog article for another day on Rhode Island Divorce Tips.

Divorce lawyers shopping is far from enjoyable but it’s important. There are ways to go about it that will make it easier. I will address those in another blog posting as well.

In my Humble Opinion . . .

As a Rhode Island lawyer who has chosen to focus my practice in the area of divorce and family law, as well as a man who tried to consult with attorneys before I went through my own divorce, I have come to one conclusion that I firmly believe. If you don’t engage an attorney who cares about people and who cares specifically about you and your case, then you’ve chosen the wrong divorce lawyer.

That’s right. It’s my opinion that CARING is the biggest factor to be considered when hiring your Rhode Island Divorce or Family Law Attorney.

Why? Think about it! In fact think about people in general and how they think.

So, let’s start with YOU!

When you care about something . . . your child, your wife, your career, your investments, your car or motorcycle, etc. . . What do you do? What do you think about?

When you care about something such that it means something to you don’t you do what you can to take care of it . . . improve it . . . work hard for it . . . protect it . . . and sometimes even die for it! That’s exactly what you do! That’s exactly what everyone does because that is human nature.

We take care of the things and people that we care about. We don’t throw them to the side and ignore them. We don’t abuse them. We don’t destroy them.

Human nature is such that we as people do the most we can based upon how much we care about that thing. When people care they will move mountains for the things and people they care about.

So why is caring important?

That’s the Answer!

If you have an attorney who truly cares about you and your case as I do for my clients, their cases and their assets, you do whatever you can to take care of them.

Sure any attorney will still do what is necessary to insure that he or she will get paid some kind of fee for the work being done for you because that’s that divorce or family lawyer’s livelihood… without that he or she just doesn’t survive.

Yet when you find a caring attorney it’s not about the amount of the fee . . . it’s about YOU. It’s about caring about YOUR LIFE, and YOUR ASSETS and doing what is necessary TO HELP YOU get through the turmoil, sometimes at the expense of the attorney’s personal time or at his or her expense.

We’re out there. Some of us care and we’re here to help you without charging you the $300+ an hour that some attorneys think you need to pay them.

Look for the caring attorney and my bet is that you’ll be better off every time.

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